Overview Português da Costa

The Camino Português da Costa is a seaside route that enables us to enjoy the maritime history of the region (Baiona is where Christopher Columbus arrived with news of the discovery of America), as well as the beauty of the wild Atlantic coast and is considered by many to be a very pleasant and not as crowded as some of the other routes.

During the Middle Ages there were many roads that crossed Europe leading to Santiago de Compostela. One of these pilgrim routes is the Portuguese Coastal Way, which runs from Porto through Vila do Conde, Viana do Castelo, Caminha, A Guarda, Baiona and Vigo before joining with the traditional Portuguese Way to Santiago.

This route was originally followed by pilgrims from the western lands, those who arrived from overseas countries to Portuguese ports to get their Compostela following this coastal route. The Coastal Way has gained importance since the 15th century due to the increasing importance of the coastal towns.

This pilgrimage route is gaining importance, as it is considered by some pilgrims to be more pleasant.

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