Overview Inglés

The Camino Inglés sometimes called in Spanish the Antiguo Camino Real, a term which still appears occasionally on waymarks, the Camino Inglés provided a short, direct route from Ferrol or A Coruña to Santiago and was therefore used by pilgrims of various nationalities from northern Europe, who had travelled to Galicia by sea.

The Camino has two traditional starting points, both are port cities, they are A Coruña and Ferrol. If you start walking the Camino in Ferrol, you will be rewarded with a Compostela, the pilgrim's certificate of completion, as you will complete over 100km on your way to Santiago de Compostela. Starting in A Coruña does not meet the required walking distance set by the Cathedral to be awarded a Compostela.

Ferrol is a charming harbor town that is steeped in history. Serving as a fishing port in the time of the Romans, Ferrol grew over time both in size and importance. During the 16th Century Ferrol port was used as a safe harbour for the Spanish Armada. The city has been a major naval shipbuilding center for most of its history, being the capital of the Spanish Navy's Maritime Department of the North. Before that, in the 17th century, Ferrol was the most important arsenal in Europe.

This route is mostly used by pilgrims coming from Northern Europe, Britain and Ireland, the Camino Inglés was also an important trading route. On the route you will enjoy nice coastal views for the first two walking days, and you will visit pretty towns en-route, such as Pontedeume and Betanzos. The second part of this Camino route heads inland towards Santiago de Compostela across Galicia’s green countryside that in its own right is beautiful and picturesque.

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