I truly enjoyed my Portugal vacation with Choose Happiness Adventures. The Villa was outstanding! The evening dinners sublime! The yoga and meditation were so centering! The day trips, trails, and walks were delish! Great people, great sharing. Class act all the way. Will def do it again without hesitation. Thanks to Arlèna for her talents in creating happiness!

Alison Gertner-Mann

I had the pleasure of attending the 2018 yoga retreat in Portugal. The trip was full of culture, beauty, history and discovery; from the food we made and ate, our nature walks, and even just seeing how the natives lived their lives was an eye-opening experience. The property we stayed on was stunning and every turn had something worth seeing. The landscapes were simply serene. Our group was so easy to get along with and made each of our many excursions enjoyable and entertaining. If that wasn’t enough, doing yoga every morning under the most amazing sunrises and overlooking a breath-taking view made getting up each morning something to look forward to. I can’t wait to join in on another trip.  Thank you Arlena and Choose Happiness Adventures for an amazing fulfilling week that I will always remember.   Kendra, Brooklyn, NY


The Choose Happiness Adventures Portuguese Vacation Yoga Retreat is a lifetime experience.  There were two yoga instructors for a smallish group of various abilities.  In addition to the regularly scheduled classes, the yoga instructors were available on an individual basis.  We were really spoiled.  The Casa da Lage Estate is sumptuous, there is plenty of space to relax, our linens -- and clothes -- were laundered midweek.  Arlena went out of her way to take care of us, what with plenty of food, wine and port, and making sure each of us were happy.  Delicious dinners were catered to us at the estate by a local restaurant -- except for the night we had a fun cooking class!  We started our days with early-morning meditation and yoga classes followed by breakfast.  Several fabulous day trips were arranged for us, visits to Braga, the bustling Barcelos market, the Peneda-Gerês National Park, and a day hike along the Camino de Santiago.  During our downtime we visited the nearby ancient city of Ponte de Lima and the land around the estate.  I heartily recommend this unique experience.   ~~~~~~~  Laurent & Nevenka, Brussels, Belgium

My first pilgrimage experience from Porto, PT to Santiago, SP began in mid-May and was organized by Choose Happiness Adventures. The itinerary book, prepared for my specific trip, provided detailed trail directions, instructions on when to exit the trail, how to get my hotel, and how to continue the trek the next day. I appreciated the satellite photo of the hotel location as well as the hotel address & phone number. A couple of pages in my itinerary book were out of order, which at first confused me, but was not a deal-breaker. I just learned to check that all the pages were included in the itinerary book.
I would book a future pilgrimage with Choose Happiness Adventures. ~~Diana, Tucson, AZ