Self-Guided Caminho Português Valença to Santiago Tour

Self-Guided Caminho Português Valença to Santiago Tour

The Caminho Português has been one of the main pilgrimage routes to Santiago for centuries. This shorter distance Camino is designed for the traveler who prefers a shorter route to Santiago while still insuring he will qualify for his Compostela certificate once arriving at the Cathedral in Santiago.

Choose Happiness Adventures  reserves your nightly accommodations and will have your baggage  transported each morning to the your next hotel. If you choose our dinner option, we will also arrange for dinners of  fabulous local cuisine and delicious local wines for you.

This self-guided tour begins in Valença, Portugal, crosses the iconic International Bridge into Tui, Spain and travels northwards through ancient paths in tranquil woods, farmland and peaceful hamlets, as well as historic towns and cities.

Our Roadbook contains all the tips and information you need to easily follow the Português Caminho de Santiago and to understand and appreciate what you see while you walk this route. We’ll make suggestions for when and where you could stop for lunch as well as things that might be worth a slight detour.

Download our brochure Self-Guided Caminho Português Valença Tour Brochure


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