Self-Guided Caminho Português Coastal Bike Tour

Self-Guided Caminho Português Coastal Bike Tour

Following the Atlantic Coast towards Santiago de Compostela, our self-guided tour will take you through charming hamlets, pretty seaside towns and villages before crossing by ferry to A Guarda,  Spain. You will discover the wild Atlantic beauty and sandy beaches of Northern Portugal and Spain, taste delicious seafood and wine and enjoy the beauty of this route.

Choose Happiness Adventures  reserves your nightly accommodations and will have your baggage  transported each morning to the your next hotel. If you choose our dinner option, we will also arrange for dinners of  fabulous local cuisine and delicious local wines.

You will begin your adventure in the old city of Porto, Portugal. Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and well worth exploring. Don't forget Porto is famous for its Port Wine Caves - no trip to Porto is complete without a visit to at least one of these Caves.

Our Roadbook contains all the tips and information you need to easily follow the Português Caminho de Santiago and to understand and appreciate what you see while you walk this route. We’ll make suggestions for when and where you could stop for lunch as well as things that might be worth a slight detour.

This fascinating cycling trip is not for novices. To get the most out of it, you’ll need basic bike maintenance skills and must be confident riding on varied and uneven terrain.

Download our brochure Self-Guided Caminho Português Coastal Bike Tour Brochure

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