Self-Guided Caminho Português Central Bike Tour

Self-Guided Caminho Português Central Bike Tour

This self-guided cycle tour follows the ancient pilgrimage route from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. Experience the natural beauty of northern Portugal and Spain and discover each country's long history as you ride between villages, towns and historically important cities.

Choose Happiness Adventures  will make all the reservations for your nightly accommodations and will have your baggage  transported each morning to the your next hotel or Quinta. If you choose our dinner option, we will also arrange for dinners of  fabulous local cuisine and delicious local wines for you.

Cycling the Central Portuguese Way of Saint James allows you to appreciate the beauty of Portugal’s Minho region and Galicia in Spain. The scenery is a glorious blend of greenery with woodland, rivers, valleys, vineyards, fields and traditional villages with their architecture and age-old rural farming practices. Sections of the Way are on ancient Roman roads and you’ll cross many Roman bridges during your journey.

Begin your incredible journey in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Porto. Learn how St. James and a cockerel saved a pilgrim’s life in Barcelos, why Roman soldiers were terrified of crossing the river at Ponte de Lima and appreciate  Valença’s fortress which played a huge  in defending Portugal’s borders.

One the other side of the River Minho in Spain there is much to see as well. Place and monuments like the stunning Tui Cathedral, Redondela’s viaducts and the medieval city of Pontevedra.  Caldas de Reis is famous for its soothing thermal waters and Padrón is reputably  St. James’ first burial spot. His remains have since been relocated to the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

To make the experience of cycling the Camino enjoyable, you need to know your way around a bike in terms of basic maintenance and be adept at riding rugged terrains.

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