Combined Caminho Português and Vacation/Retreat

Combined Caminho Português Guided Tour

and Vacation Retreat

September 20th thru October 12th 2019

Join Choose Happiness Adventures for this combined Caminho Português and Vacation Retreat at a special one-time pricing offer.

We will begin our Camino from Porto, Portugal on September 20th and complete our walk on October 3rd when we arrive in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. On October 4th we will be transported to Finisterre also known to many as the official end of the Camino. During Roman times, Finisterre was considered the end of the earth. The origin of the pilgrimage to Finisterre is not certain. However, it is believed to date from pre-Christian times and was possibly associated with Finisterre's status as the "edge of the world". After visiting the cape and lighthouse, we will enjoy a meal in Finisterre and then return to our hotel in Santiago de Compostela. Both Santiago de Compostela and Porto are UNESCO World Heritage Sights.




On the morning of October 5th, we will be transported from our hotel in Santiago de Compostela to the Casa da Lage for a week of relaxation and optional daily meditation, pranayama and yoga practice. The vacation/retreat includes 3 excursions and a cooking lesson given by a Chef/instructor from the Culinary University.
Download our brochure at: Combined Caminho and Retreat Tour Brochure

For more detailed information on both offerings, see each individual brochure:

Download the Camino brochure: Caminho Português Tour Brochure

Download the Retreat brochure Vacation-Yoga Retreat Brochure


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