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Viana do Castelo

Situated at the mouth of the River Lima, between the ocean and the mountains, the charming city of Viana do Castelo is steeped in tradition. Historically, the city was a crucial point of departure during the Age of Discovery, when many Portuguese explorers embarked to discover the unknown world. Sé Cathedral of Viana do Castelo …
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The Minho is the main province in Portugal the Camino route traverses from Barcelos until we enter Spain. This region delivers world-class natural beauty. Here are lush river valleys, sparkling beaches and granite peaks. This is, after all, the birthplace of the Portuguese kingdom, and it would be hard to find better-preserved landmarks than those on…
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Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima is a market town on the south bank of the Lima River facing a magnificent Roman bridge with low arches. Its setting, together with a laid-back atmosphere makes it one of the loveliest small towns in Portugal as well as one of the oldest towns (founded on March 4, 1125). It was…
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