• Wine Tasting in the Douro

    Wine Tasting in the Douro

    Go wine tasting amid the vineyard-clad hills of the Douro Valley, a World Heritage–listed region famous for its port wine…

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  • Estação do Pinhão

    Estação do Pinhão

    Departing from Porto by train, you will arrive in the small riverside village of Pinhão. The train station in Pinhão…

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  • Esposende


    The beach at Esposende is one of the finest on the Costa Verde. Backed by low sand dunes and bordering…

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  • Póvoa de Varzim

    Póvoa de Varzim

    Póvoa de Varzim has been a well-known beach resort for over three centuries, actually according to Wikipedia it is the…

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  • Sardines


    When the Portuguese talk about sardines, they generally don't mean those tiny skinned and boned creatures compressed into a minute…

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  • Padron Peppers

    Padron Peppers

    Padrón peppers (pementos de Padrón) are a variety of peppers from the municipality of Padrón in Galicia. They are a small…

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  • Caldo Verde

    Caldo Verde

    Caldo verde is Portuguese for "green broth". It is a popular soup in Portuguese cuisine. The basic traditional ingredients for caldo…

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  • Caldo Gallego

    Caldo Gallego

    Caldo gallego or simply caldo , literally means Galician broth. It is a traditional soup of Galicia very similar to…

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  • Torta de Santiago

    Torta de Santiago

    Torta de Santiago (in Galician) or Tarta de Santiago (in Spanish), literally meaning cake of St. James, is an almond…

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