Camino Inglés Gallery

  • Pointing the Way

    Pointing the Way

    Just outside the town of Betanzos there is a nice waymark in the form of a pilgrim on the roof of…

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  • Sculpture Display

    Sculpture Display

    Along the route, just before we arrive at a very eclectic display of statuary, we pass a very tall statue of…

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  • Iglesia de Santa Maria in Neda

    Iglesia de Santa Maria in Neda

    The Iglesia de Santa Maria was built in the eighteenth century on the remains of another ancient temple called Santa…

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  • San Martín de Xubia Monastery

    San Martín de Xubia Monastery

    The Monastery of San Martín de Xubia is a cluniac monastery complex, which went through different periods of splendor, being…

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  • Ferrol


    The Camino Inglés  has two traditional starting points: the port cities A Coruña and Ferrol. A compostela will only be granted…

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