Viana do Castelo

Situated at the mouth of the River Lima, between the ocean and the mountains, the charming city of Viana do Castelo is steeped in tradition. Historically, the city was a crucial point of departure during the Age of Discovery, when many Portuguese explorers embarked to discover the unknown world.

viana-do-castela-cathedralSé Cathedral of Viana do Castelo  This 15th-century parochial church and cathedral, was constructed in the Romanesque style, comprising a façade flanked by two large towers with merlons (the solid upright section of a battlement or crenellated parapet in medieval architecture), while the middle Gothic portal with ornamental moldings following the curve on the underside of an arch is decorated by sculptures depicting the Passion of Christ and of the Apostles. The interior designed in the form of the Latin cross, includes a nave and two aisles (separated by arches supported by pillars), as well as two ancillary chapels dedicated to São Bernado and the Holy Sacrament, both attributed to João Lopes "the Elder".

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