Iglesia de Santa Maria in Neda

The Iglesia de Santa Maria was built in the eighteenth century on the remains of another ancient temple called Santa María del Puerto.

It was built in the Galician baroque style and is arranged in a Latin cross plan, with a single interior nave divided into three sections. The interior of this church emphasizes the greater altarpiece, of baroque style decorated with columns. In this altarpiece is the famous Christ of the Chain, gothic figure of wood of Tudor style (century XIV) characterized by being endowed with a very definite anatomy. This statue comes from England and was brought by Captain John Dutton in the middle of the sixteenth century, when he escaped from the Anglican persecutions of his country.

Legend tells us this statue came to Neda floating by the sea and that once placed in the church, the statue tried to return to the sea again and again. Seeing that the same thing always happened, the parishioners decided to chain the carving to the high altar, hence the name it receives today.
On the church's wall is a plaque, that shows a dedication for all the pilgrims on the Camino Inglés, on their way to the spiritual site of Santiago de Compostela. This plaque was placed here in 2010, to commemorate this Holy Year.

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