The beach at Esposende is one of the finest on the Costa Verde. Backed by low sand dunes and bordering the river Cavado, this is a popular spot.

The town's heritage is one of fishing but the area's history goes back far beyond. Within a few kilometers of the town are a number of well preserved and fascinating archeological sites, many of which date back to the Bronze Age, centered around the nearby parish of Vila Chã and the most impressive is probably the fortified village of Castro de São Lourenço.

Castro de São Lourenço dates back to the 4th century BC although it was occupied at various times up until medieval times. The site was part of a series of hill forts which controlled the region’s coastal shipping route from their vantage point high above the Cávado River. Today the village is set amongst the pine forests on the hillside of São Lourenço. It consists of some well-preserved granite houses and the remains of the three defensive ramparts that had to be repaired after quarrying operation in the 1980s damaged them.



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