coq_barcelosBarcelos is known for its handmade ceramics, especially the Galo de Barcelos – a colorful cockerel which is acknowledged as an unofficial national icon and often used as a symbol of Portugal. The legend of this cockerel is very similar to the legend pertaining to the rooster in Santo Domingo de Calzada on the Camino Francés.

The medieval walled town is situated on a hill above the Cavado River, its charming streets are lined with baroque houses. After arriving in town, you may wish to visit some of the sights of the town.

Every Thursday, the local market in Campo da República attracts tourists and visitors from all over the region. Feira de Barcelos is a decidedly rural affair, with stalls offering seasonal fruit and vegetables, homemade cheeses and beautiful ceramics, as well as all kinds of handicrafts featuring the trademark Barcelos cockerel.

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