Astorga Cathedral

The works at the Cathedral of Astorga were begun in 1471 and lasted until the 18th century. They offer excellent examples of various architectural styles. Built on the same foundations as the old Romanesque cathedral, the inside is Gothic, the outside Baroque while the façade and portico are Renaissance and the cloisters Classical.

The former Romanesque cathedral was destroyed in 1265 for the construction of the present edifice in the Flamboyant Gothic Style, according to the trend in Spain, during the reign of the Catholic Kings. The Cathedral of Astorga belongs to the group of cathedrals that include Salamanca, Segovia and Plasencia. It however was very much influenced by its magnificent neighbour, the Cathedral of Leon.

The interior houses numerous artworks, such as the Flemish-Spanish devotional painting of St. Michael, and the large high altar by designed in 1558 by Gaspar Becerra which is considered a masterwork of the Spanish Renaissance sculpture.

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