A Guarda

Looking out over the Atlantic and flanked by the river Miño and the mountain of Santa Tecla, the village of A Guarda is famous for its lobsters. Maritime, river and mountainous scenery plays host to one of the most traditional fishing villages in Galicia, on the border with Portugal. Because of its location, A Guarda was conquered by the Vandals, Norman and Saracen pirates, the Portuguese and the French.

Among the historic buildings are the Benedictine monastery (1558), the parish church erected on the site of an old 10th century temple and the ancestral homes of the Correa and Somoza families.

castro_tecla_guardaThanks to the mountain of Santa Tecla the service sector is on the rise. Its walled town, declared to be Historic-Artistic Heritage, is one of the most significant examples of Galician hill-fort culture. Also on the mountain are the hermitage of La Santa and a monument of the way of the cross.

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