The Meditation and Yoga Classes

The Classes

Our yoga programs emphasize safety, awareness, intelligence and the 'gioia di vivere' of yoga! Our instructors are Yoga Alliance Certified Teachers and our classes accommodate a variety of levels while providing challenge and learning for everyone!

Arlèna teaches a gentle Hatha Yoga class with the use of props (straps and blocks) she also teaches options to use chair assisted yoga for those with physical restrictions.

Carolyn teaches a formal Sivananda Hatha Yoga class featuring headstands and shoulder stands for the more advanced student.

Morning Meditation will be led by each of our instructors at the beginning of their class. Arlèna teaches various methods of meditation to include silent nature walks, guided meditations, meditation using Mala beads and Japa meditation. Carolyn teaches meditation focusing on your personal mantra.

Morning Yoga classes will be led by both instructors in their yoga style focusing on alignment, pranayama and sun salutations. The morning class will get your heart pumping and your energy flowing for the remainder of the day. Perfect for increasing your strength and flexibility. After all your hard work, there is a wonderful deep relaxation at the end.

Evening Yoga Classes (when schedule allows) will be led by both teachers in their yoga style focusing again on alignment, pranayama, moon salutations and restoratives. Deep relaxation will conclude the class.

Private Yoga Instruction is available from each Yoga Instructor upon request.

The Yoga and Meditation Instructors


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