Syracuse (Siracusa) is a city on the southeastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily. This city is the capital of the province of Syracuse and has a population of 122,000. As one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean, Syracuse has a wonderful collection of historical sites from both the ancient Greek and Roman time periods. Furthermore, this city was considered one of the main powers in the Mediterranean Sea during these ancient times and allied with both the Spartans and Corinthians.

In ancient times, the rulers of Syracuse were embroiled in various battles with enemies such as Carthage and the Romans. Today the city has a budding economy, mainly driven by tourism, shipping, and agriculture.

As Syracuse has been inhabited for thousands of years, it has a myriad of ancient attractions including the Greek Theatre, the Temple of Apollo, and the Castello Maniace. Furthermore, due to its coastal location, the city lies near several world-class beaches where tourists can enjoy the fine Sicilian weather. As a tourist destination, this city has something for everyone and is one of the prime historical locations on the island.


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