Savoca is one of the beautiful villages in Sicily. This small town is hidden away in the hills and has experienced the interest of kings, popes, and Archimandrite prelates, in a succession of periods of serious crisis and prosperity.

Francis Ford Coppola filmed part of 'The Godfather" here, the village standing in for Corleone.

The Church of San Nicolo, which seems almost to stretch out into space, built on a massive outcrop of rock, has three wide aisles and an austere atmosphere of the steep fortress over the valley. This church was one of the famous film sets where Michael marries Apollonia in the film.

The Bar Vitelli located inside eighteenth-century Palazzo Trimarchi is a bar near the village entrance. It was here that a love-struck Michael Corleone asks the wrong man about Apollonia Vitelli, the beautiful woman who had caught his eye.




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